Joern, Lise

University of Southern Denmark

Disicpline: Sports science

Research interests: Football fan cultures; Football related disorder; Football fans, policy and law; Sport, crime and deviance; Sport and media.

Selected publications

Havelund, J., Joern, L. and Rasmussen, K (2015). ”A qualitative examination of police officers’ perception of football supporters”, Police Practice and Research, Vol. 16, No. 1, pp. 65-7

Havelund, J., Joern, L. and Rasmussen, K (2013). Danish Ultras: Beyond risk/non-risk, Good hosting vol. 3, Norderstedt.

Havelund, J., Jensen, M. J., Joern, L., Nielsen, B. P. and Rasmussen, K (2013). Danish Event Policing – Dialogue-Based Policing of Football Crowds. Good hosting, vol. 2., Norderstedt.

Havelund, J. and Joern, L. (2013). ”Categorisation of supporters: Beyond risk /non-risk”, Sport & EU, 5,1 pp. 34-35.

Havelund, J., Joern, L., Rasmussen, K. (2012). Danish Ultras: Risk or Non-Risk?. Sport & EU Review, 4(1), 5.17.

Joern, L (2009). “Nothing to hide, nothing to fear? Tackling violence on the terraces”, Sport in Society 12, 10, pp. 1269-1283.


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