Dorsey, James M.

James Dorsey







S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies and University of Würzburg

Disicpline: Inter-disciplinary

Research interests: Middle East, North Africa, Militant Islam, Sports

Personal website

Selected publications

Dorsey, J. (forthcoming 2016). Soccer and autocracy: Who do national football teams represent? In Rabi, U. & Bouasria, A. (Eds). Lost in Translation: Forgotten Paradigms of the Arab Spring. Sussex Academic Press.

Dorsey, J. (forthcoming 2016). Afterword: Stadia – A Political and Social Battlefield. In Ranc, D & Alpan B.Z. (Eds.) Stadiums as Spaces of Political Expression: Identities, Discourses, Struggles. Palgrave.

Dorsey, J. (forthcoming 2016). Convergence and divergence: Turkish and Egyptian fans fight political battles in Bridging Divides: Rethinking Ideology in the Age of Global Discontent, ed. by Axford, Didem Buhari-Gulmez and Seckin Baris Gulmez, Routledge.

Dorsey, J. (2016 forthcoming). Middle Eastern Soccer Pitches: Battlefields for Identity and Rights. In Sefer Katamon.

Dorsey, J. (2016 forthcoming). Soccer: A Middle Eastern and North African Battlefield. In Harald Lange, H. (ed.) Ultras: Eine Fankultur im Spannungsfeld unterschiedlicher Subkulturen. Springer Wissenschaft.

Dorsey, J. (2015). Political interference, power struggles, corruption and greed: the undermining of football governance in Asia. In Global Corruption Report 2015. Transparency International 2015.

Dorsey, J. (2015). Media target soccer fans, a bulwark of anti-autocratic resistance. In Jaeger, J. & Resch, C. (Eds.) The freedom of the media in Egypt.

Dorsey, J. (2014). Rooted in History: Politics, Identity and Ultras in North African Soccer In Onwumechili, C. & Akindes, G. (Eds.) Identity and Nation in African Football: Fans, Community and Clubs, Palgrave Macmillan.

Dorsey, J. (2013). Soccer and Political Protests in MENA Countries, IE Med Mediterranean Yearbook 2013.

Dorsey, J. (2013). Soccer: A Middle Eastern and North African Battlefield for Freedom and Dignity. In Dun, S., Kalaji, M. & Stell, M. (Eds.) It’s How the Game is Played, Perspectives on the Studies of Sports, Inter-Disciplinary Press.

Dorsey, J. (2013). Soccer: A Battle for Middle Eastern and North African Dignity and Freedom, It’s How You Play the Game. In Dun, S., Kalaji, M. & Stell, M. (Eds.) Inter-Disciplinary Net.

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