Brentin, Dario

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University of Graz

Disicpline: Political science

Research interests: (post-)Yugoslav sport; Nationalism; Identity; Memory Politics; Sport Diplomacy

Selected publications

Brentin, D. (2015, June 24). Juden, auf Wiedersehen. Frankfurter Rundschau

Brentin, D. (2015, June 15). Does Bosnian Football have an Anti-Semitism Problem? Balkanist Magazine

Brentin, D. (2015, May 13). The ‘Maksimir Myth’. 25 years since the ‘symbolic’ dissolution of socialist Yugoslavia. Balkanist Magazine

Brentin, D. (2014, December 14). The democratic ‘hooligan’? Radical democracy and social protest amongst football fans in Croatia. Balkanist Magazine

Brentin, D. (2014, October 15). More than a game? Again? On the seemingly perpetual football-related violence in the Balkans. Balkans in Europe Policy Blog

Brentin, D. (2014). ‘Now you see who is a friend and who an enemy’ – Sport as an ethno-political identity tool in post-socialist Croatia. Südosteuropa, 62(2), 187-207.

Brentin, D., Galijaš, A. & Paić, H. (2014). Introduction: Football and Society, Südosteuropa, 62(2), 95-98 .

Brentin, D. (2013). ‘A lofty battle for the Nation’. The Social Roles of Sport in Tuđman’s Croatia.Sport in Society: Cultures, Commerce, Media, Politics, 16(8), 993-1008.

Brentin, D. (2013, June 30). The Nation’s Most Holy Institution: football and the construction of Croatian national identity, OpenDemocracy



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